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Training Tips To Keep Your Dog From Chewing - Some tips on teaching your dog not to chew up your favorite items.

House Training a Puppy Is Absolutely Vital If Your Puppy Spends Time Indoors - While there is no fool proof method for house training a puppy, crate training has proven successful for many.

A Packing List For Your Dogs Vacation - Is Fido acting sad rather than happy and excited, even after arriving at your vacation destination? Maybe he's really homesick.

Aquarium Fish Tanks are the Key to Keeping Fish - With the right equipment and a bit of dedication you should have no problem in setting up your own aquarium fish tank.

The Wonderful World Of Tetras And How Best To Keep Them - An indepth look into to world of the Tetra fish and the best ways to keep them.

Munchkin Cats Short Stuff - Cute, cuddly Munchkin Cats may be short on legs but they make adorable, loyal pets.

The Snowshoe Cat a Rare Breed - The white mitted version of a Siamese, which denotes half of their ancestry, Snowshoe cats have distinctive white markings and a bandit's mask that will steal your heart.

The Exciting Thing About The Comet Goldfish - Comet golfish - How to keep, feed and care for them.

Simple Puppy Naming Tips - Choosing a puppy name? You"ll use your pup's name over 35,000 times in the course of its life.

Cats Bonding With Their Owners - There are a lot of experts out there who say that cats are strictly independent animals.

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