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Garden Design - Putting It All Together

Nothing intimidates a gardener more than garden design. Here are ideas for taking it step-by-step and creating a foundation to build on, with minimal anxiety. Great garden design takes practice.
Easy Gardening - 10 Ways to Make Gardening Easier
Gardening easier means you can garden more. Use these smart gardening tips to make your gardening chores and maintenance less time and labor consuming and make your time in the garden more enjoyable.

Elements of Garden Design - Working with Color
Color is arguably the most prominent factor in a garden design and often the first one considered. Good garden design involves knowing how to combine colors so that the final product has a cohesive and pleasing effect. Here are some tips to train your eye to see color and for combining color in the garden.

Designing Next Year's Garden
Garden design starts with thinking about how and who will use your garden and what constraints time, money and nature put on you. Thatís the basis of good site analysis. Then you can start to consider the garden design elements of color, texture and form.

Late Blooming Perennial Flowers for Fall Color
The fall garden is one of the most colorful seasons in the garden. Many fall blooming perennial flowers display jewel tone blossoms that complement the fall foliage display of trees and shrubs.

Clay Busters - Plants for Growing in Gardens with Clay Soil
Gardening in clay soil is a challenge that can be met. Their are many plants that will grow very well in clay soil and some that will even help improve it. Rugged natives and tough, tap rooted plants can make a garden even in the difficult conditions posed by clay. Here are some to get you started.

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