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How to do Agility Dog Training - As well as for humans, agility training for dogs makes pets more confident, increases their speed and their physical flexibility while helps excercise their feet.

Cat Pregnancy How Long Does it Last - This is the most frequently asked question by cat owners.

Dog and Cat Food Discovered to Be Tainted Potential Risk of Kidney Failure - Recently, the Canadian-based pet food supplier issued a recall regarding the company's wet food for dogs and cats alike that may be contaminated and cause kidney failure among pets.

Pet Health Insurance is More Affordable Than Ever Before - Veterinary bills can be expensive and many pet owners are faced with the horrible decision of putting down their pet because they cannot afford the appropriate treatment.

What You Should Know About Dog Allergies - Like people, dogs are not exempt from allergies.

Dog play behavior and predatory drift - For the past two weeks, I?ve been writing some caveats about dogs at play: things to be aware of when dogs play together such as at dog parks, playgroups and daycares.

Types of Pet Turtles for Novices - You will want to select a pet whose lifestyle can easily blend with your own way of living.

Deciding on Pet Insurance - It was a huge shock when the vet informed us of the cost to treat our dog in the absence of pet insurance, and all I could think about at the time was whether he was worth the cost.

The Story of a Pet Lover - The Story of a Pet Lover As a child, Lassie, Beethoven and Benjie have always been my greatest heroes.

All You Need To Know About Cichlids - Cichlids come in all sizes and shapes.

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